(d) other remedial measures and consequences. The termination or expiry of this CAU or a licence granted under this licence does not prevent or limit any of the parties from pursuing the other remedies or remedies available to it legally or in the United States, including, but not limited to, termination actions, or exempting the Final User from the remaining obligation to pay the amounts that accrue to the UWS. Except in the other measure in this C.A.B.B., each party, at the expiry or end of this LAE, immediately restores or destroys, for whatever reason (at the other party`s choice), any copy of the confidential information of the other party owned or controlled by the other party. Therefore, under this type of agreement, the company or consortium provides technical know-how and capital and assumes the risk of the project in return for exclusive rights to oil and/or gas exploration and production originating in the contract territory. The host state generally owns the facilities and facilities. Unless otherwise stipulated in the legislation or the production-sharing agreement, the company also pays the income tax to the host Member State as well as all other taxes and contributions provided by the legislation and the corresponding contract. 5. Types of upstream oil contracts with the State In addition to the payment obligations covered in Section 5.2, the licensee and its associated companies and sub-licenses will be required to comply with all the conditions of the upstream licences applicable to the licensee or his companies or sub-licenses related to or because of the activities of the licensee or his related companies or sub-licenses under this agreement on the territory of the spectrum. Risk service agreements are the least used type of contract among the three listed here.

They have been used by states that have a nationalist approach, or by countries like Venezuela, Iran or Iraq, which have long had oil production. Under this type of agreement, the host Member State is merely terminating the service of an oil company or consortium in order to benefit from its financial and technical know-how. The company or consortium assumes risk and responsibility and is reimbursed by a service fee that is usually paid in cash. An example of this type of agreement is the absence of Iran`s buy-out agreements, which have proved too painful to be considered by a private investor. The licensee grants you a worldwide license, free, non-exclusive, under-granted, among claims owned by the licensee or controlled by the licensee and which are embodied in the original work provided by the licensee during the patent term, in order to make, use, use, sell, sell, make and import the original work and derivative works. “end user license agreement” or “” this agreement. 16. Disposal.

These conditions and all rights and licenses granted to them should not be transferred or assigned by you, but can be assigned to you upstream without limitation or notification. If the parties do not amend Schedule E to include such a licensing agreement in the days following the first issuance of such a licensing agreement to Juno, such a licensing agreement is not a fate upstream agreement and the intellectual property rights that are granted to Fate under this license agreement are automatically excluded from the definitions of Fate Know-How and Fate Patents.